Fallen Palm Leaves + Water = Verterra ‘Disposable’ Dinnerware… My Review

Looking for a killer way to earn some serious style points and uber eco-friendliness to your next party? Verterra Dinnerware is the answer. This sustainable dinnerware is made from fallen palm leaves and water... and that's it. No chemicals, dyes, bonding agents, or bleaches. Verterra dinnerware is 100% biodegradable, BPI-certified compostable, microwave and refrigerator safe, and unbelievably sturdy! Check out this demonstration of the crazy strength of the Verterra … [Read more...]

Recycled Plates With A Purpose Are Both Charitable and Beautiful

Are you looking for a great belated Christmas gift to give someone (or yourself)? Check out Plates With a Purpose by Riverside Design.These plates are creatively and beautifully crafted from recycled glass and non-toxic color and are sure to make your 1st party of the new year a smashing success.As wonderful as their non-toxic and eco-friendly construction is, the real triumph of these plates is that Riverside Design donates 15% of Plates with Purpose proceeds to partner chapters of various … [Read more...]

3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes for the Surprise Vegetarian Guest

So there you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast when the phone rings...and wouldn't you know it, it's Last Minute Lucy.She invites herself over and cleverly inserts a remark such as, "I know how health conscious you are so I know there will plenty of non-meat options on your table for me to eat...since I'm a vegetarian."Being the caring friend and good host/hostess that you are you quickly begin to altar your menu of salted ham, fried turkey, and green beans  cooked with a … [Read more...]

4 Of The Best Green Thanksgiving Ideas From Around The Web

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Luckily for you, it's not too late to make sure that Thanksgiving at your house is as green as it can be. We've already talked about 12 easy ways to green your Thanksgiving, but check out these other ideas from around the web. I guarantee that you'll find an idea you haven't thought of yet. … [Read more...]

9 Creative Pumpkin Recipes For Fall Festivities


Looking for a fun and creative pumpkin recipe to enjoy with the cool fall weather and the changing color of the leaves? Me too! Of course you have the quintessential pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread recipes, but those get tired and old after a couple of times. Try some of these creative pumpkin recipes to switch it up a little bit this fall...   … [Read more...]

3 Super Healthy, Low Budget, and Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy Ideas

Look up the thesaurus entry for most any bag Halloween candy and you'll likely find synonyms including "ADHD agent", "Asthma enhancer", and "Lysdexia fueler"... Whoops, I meant "Dyslexia fueler." Fear not little goblins, we're not going to talk about the evils of food additives and simple sugars right now. What we are going to talk about are 3 awesome sources for eco-friendly (and healthier) Halloween candy that -- get this -- won't cost you a fortune!   … [Read more...]

4th of July: How to Have Green FUN on the Least Eco-Friendly Holiday

Ok. Let's be honest here...the 4th of July is probably the least eco-friendly holiday on the calendar, right?And there is one reason, and one reason alone for that...Fireworks.So even though eco-friendlier fireworks are making their way into the market, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that you can make this year a "green 4th of July".Instead, what I am going to do is share some great ideas with you to that will be sure to help you have green(ER) fun this … [Read more...]

3 Last Minute Ways to Green Your St. Paddy’s Day


Has St. Patrick's Day snuck up on you this year? It sure has snuck up on me! With Earth Hour, Earth Day, and St. Patrick's Day (the day o' green), there are so many great excuses to begin living greener in the spring time. ...but what if you haven't planned any green events, ideas, or St. Patrick's Day parties yet? Oh no! No worries, we've got ya covered with everything from how to dye your [organic] beer green without dying to super easy and fun tips to greening your St. Patrick's … [Read more...]