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Make Your Landscape Sparkle With Solar Powered LED Firefly Lights

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By Jeffrey

Looking to add a creative wow factor to your garden or landscaping?

Can you think of a much better idea than solar powered LED firefly lights? I sure can’t.

Check out these LED firefly lights that are real enough to even fool and attract real fireflies!

I first saw these lights from in a post at EcoFriend, who found out about them at TreeHugger.

Now instead of waiting for those few precious weeks in the heat of late summer evenings to enjoy the sight of fireflies (or as we call them in the south, lightning bugs), you can enjoy them year round and whenever you want!

The cheapest option from is the FMS-07 system. This system includes:

  • 7 LED “fireflies”
  • waterproof electronics and micoprocessor
  • 13′ of total coverage
  • 2 AA Ni-Cd batteries

The FMS-07 system retails for $59.99, but you can check out more options if you’d like to rock a larger setup.

Check out the FireFlyMagic lights in action:

A bonus to getting these lights from is that you can replace the 2 AA Ni-Cd batteries with regular AA batteries for use indoors if you’d like to bring the outdoors in.


Do you think some LED firefly lights would be a good addition to your landscape or would the price tag keep you away?