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What's the best reason to save the planet? BEER, obviously.

Palm Oil

See why palm oil is so dangerous & how palm oil products are being used. Since palm oil has many different aliases, here's a list of ingredients to look for.

Green Jobs

If you're looking for a green job, here are 10 awesome career choices. From urban planning to recycling, these are 10 green jobs that are booming!

Green Coffee

Eco friendly coffee practices go WAY beyond just using green coffee beans. I've found a few clever ways to go green while drinking coffee. Have you tried these?

The best ways to attract bees and other helpful garden insects to your organic garden - like butterflies! Plus a list of the top plants that attract bees.

Getting married soon? Whether you were lucky enough to have a green wedding or not, here are some fun tips for having a green honeymoon!

Greening your night time routine can help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up feeling healthy and rested.

Greening your daily activities is easier than you think. Check out some of these ideas and then share some of your own.

Be sure you buy just the right gift for all the green girls on your Christmas list.