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Recycled Plates With A Purpose Are Both Charitable and Beautiful

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By Jeffrey

Are you looking for a great belated Christmas gift to give someone (or yourself)? Check out Plates With a Purpose by Riverside Design.

These plates are creatively and beautifully crafted from recycled glass and non-toxic color and are sure to make your 1st party of the new year a smashing success.

As wonderful as their non-toxic and eco-friendly construction is, the real triumph of these plates is that Riverside Design donates 15% of Plates with Purpose proceeds to partner chapters of various organizations…cleverly represented by the artwork on the plates.

Read on to find out what organizations the plates benefit.


I first learned of Plates With A Purpose from the great folks at one of my favorite websites, Re-Nest.

They’ve also got a great breakdown of which organizations are partnered with Plate With A Purpose:

  • Butterfly: Forbes Hospice
  • Elephant: National Autism Association

  • Forget-Me-Not: Alzheimer’s Association
  • Healing Garden: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
  • Heart: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh
  • Ladybug: United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
  • Bach Signature: Bach Choir of Pittsburgh
  • Stars: Persad Center & Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force
  • Trees: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Wheat: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
  • Sunflower: POWER (Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery)

Obviously the 1st word of the above descriptions are referring to the elegant designs on each of the plates. I love that the designs reflect the organization that the proceeds benefit.

Each plate is available in three sizes: 9×9, 5×10 and 14 x 14. The packaging is even done nicely with a neat corrugated recycled content paper wrap and bound with a thick reusable rubber band.

The 9×9 will run you $40 per plate, the 14×14 is $78 per plate, and the 5×10 is $36 per plate. There are a few other sizing options available for certain plates, but the 9×9, 5×10, and 14×14 are the same price for all plates.

I can’t help but think about how much Plates With A Purpose reminds me of the uber-trendy recycled bracelets from I’m Tired Of. If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favor and check out why we could NEVER become tired of I’m Tired Of bracelets.