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Pretty Rain Barrels: 3 Cheap DIY Rain Barrels That Actually Look Nice!

Looking for a cheap and easy way to build an attractive rain barrel? It’s way easier than you think! See 3 examples of pretty rain barrels: 1) Wooden rain barrels with rain chains, 2) Plastic rain barrels with potted plants, and 3) Ugly rain barrels with vines growing down the sides. These are all attractive rain barrels that you can make very affordably yourself


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Considering Smart Home Technology? Here’s What It’s Like Living In A House With A Smart Lighting System Installed (Pros & Cons)

A few years ago, I moved into a new home and installed smart LED lighting throughout as part of an extensive remodel.
A smart lighting system is defined as LED fixtures with intelligence and sensors whose data can be harvested for a range of purposes, primarily to control when and where light is on. Source
In this post, I will share with you my personal experience living with smart lighting — including the benefits and the problems that I’ve encountered along the way. smart home technology - one family's smart lighting system  

Smart Lighting: Then vs. Now