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Earth Day is upon. Are you going to get out and celebrate Earth Day at your local Earth Day festival this year? Here's how to find Earth Day events near you

Palm Oil

See why palm oil is so dangerous & how palm oil products are being used. Since palm oil has many different aliases, here's a list of ingredients to look for.

Green Jobs

If you're looking for a green job, here are 10 awesome career choices. From urban planning to recycling, these are 10 green jobs that are booming!

Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree helps you stay ever-"green" during the holidays - for years to come. Tips, tricks & more to help you care for a live Christmas tree.

incandescent light bulb ban

We're shedding light on the incandescent light bulb ban. Learn about the alternatives and myths surrounding this controversial ban on regular light bulbs.

solar in uk schools

A clever UK website has come up with a way for parents & eco-minded community members to donate small amounts of money to put solar on local schools' roofs.

Is Facebook finally bringing home energy usage monitoring to the masses in a way that is fun and natural? Check out Facebook's Social Energy App!

world solar challenge

Is it possible to build a car fast enough and green enough to race across Australia? That's the World Solar Challenge.

darth vadar kid using the force

If only we could employ the force to lower gas prices... but at least a clean energy revolution can.