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Green Lunches: 4 Simple Ways To Enjoy Eco-Friendly Meals On The Go

When noon comes rolling around, lunchtime has come a-calling for me. I’ve heard about green lunches and all, but until lately am not sure I’ve been the most environmentally friendly fast food luncher. I’m the self-professed American prince of the fast food restaurant; I’m sure there’s got to be a fast food king somewhere, but […]

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Green Travel & Transportation

wildlife tourism

Wildlife Conservation: 3 Unique Wildlife Tours In The U.S. That Support Conservation Efforts

Recently, I wrote about ecotourism and how it can help fund environmental efforts. Now I want to talk about wildlife conservation tourism – yet another exciting concept designed to support ecology and conservation as a whole. Wildlife tourism is one of the most popular methods now for funding environmental conservation while also instilling among tourists a sense […]

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Green News

solar in uk schools

Solar in UK Schools

This is a really fun new development in the UK. Climate activist group 10:10 is behind it, but really, it’s all about local communities. The short story: 10:10 has created a website, Solar Schools, where people can easily donate as little as £5 to put solar panels on a local school’s roof. The organization creates […]

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