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reuse old photos

Fun New Uses For Old Photographs: 3 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Photos

Ever thought about how to recycle or reuse old photos? Not only am I a history buff, but I also have authored a 128-page pictorial history book about my hometown. So – as you might imagine – old photos are something I take very seriously! When I was compiling the more than 200 photos for […]

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DIY Ideas


New Uses For Old Hub Caps: 3 Fun Ways To Reuse Hubcaps

Back in February 2013, the 1985 Dodge Ram 250 B series van that my family bought brand new was totaled in an accident (thankfully nobody was seriously hurt). Afterward, I began wondering if there was any way to memorialize the vehicle that had spent so many years in our family by finding a way to reuse […]

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Green Travel & Transportation


5 Easy Ways To Go Green While Driving In Your Car

Everyone’s going green these days — even in the car. The rise of flex fuel, environmentally friendly cars has helped millions of Americans go the extra mile in keeping our planet a little greener. While I’m trying my best to stay eco friendly, I don’t currently have the financial means to go buy an electric […]

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Green News

solar in uk schools

Solar in UK Schools

This is a really fun new development in the UK. Climate activist group 10:10 is behind it, but really, it’s all about local communities. The short story: 10:10 has created a website, Solar Schools, where people can easily donate as little as £5 to put solar panels on a local school’s roof. The organization creates […]

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Green Products

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