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Where to find free materials for all your indoor & outdoor DIY projects: free pallets, barrels, mulch, lumber, dirt, rocks, trees, and seasonal craft items!

Amazing DIY projects to help keep you safe (and healthy) while biking. Fun ways to add lights to your bike!

Aiming for an organic garden this year? Do it safely by choosing organic alternatives instead of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers with harsh chemicals

9 budget-friendly ways to make an eco friendly house - from replacing plastic with natural materials to using eco friendly cleaning products & 7 other green home tips.

Plan ahead how you'll be watering plants on vacation when you're not there. My best ideas: 2 simple ways to water plants while away + 3 DIY solutions you might want to try.

Best Indoor Plants

These 10 are definitely the best indoor plants to clean the air inside your house. These houseplants are all easy to find, and most are super easy to grow!

See why Zoo Doo is one of the most popular (and effective) types of organic fertilizer around. We also have tips on how to use it and where you can get it.

Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree helps you stay ever-"green" during the holidays - for years to come. Tips, tricks & more to help you care for a live Christmas tree.

fall foliage

Looking for fun and rewarding ways to recycle your fall foliage? Here are 3 great ways to use fall leaves around the house.