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Organic Beer: There’s No Better Reason To Save The Planet

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By Jeffrey

The quest to save the planet…

Is it really about saving the planet or saving ourselves?

In either case, a Texas restaurant and bar chain called Little Woodrow’s has a motive I can definitely get behind:

How about you?

I can’t remember how I came across the above picture, but I knew I had to post it.

The question I posed above stems somewhat from an incredible George Carlin video, completely worthy of the 7:00+ minutes it takes to view it.

In it, he makes the point that the Earth has been here long before man, and will be here long after man. His bit goes on to say that our fight to “save the planet” is actually a fight to “save ourselves”.

Is it?

Even if it is, and I think George would agree, beer is a creation of humanity worth saving eh?

If you’re going to join the masses of people who have enjoyed beer since around 9,000 BC, why not enjoy an organic variety?

Best Organic Beer

What’s your favorite sustainable brew to partake of and why? Is it organic? Brewed with alternative energy? Packaged in recycled glass? Do tell, do tell…