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3 Last Minute Ways to Green Your St. Paddy’s Day

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By Jeffrey

Has St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on you this year?

It sure has snuck up on me!

With Earth HourEarth Day, and St. Patrick’s Day (the day o’ green), there are so many great excuses to begin living greener in the spring time.

…but what if you haven’t planned any green events, ideas, or St. Patrick’s Day parties yet? Oh no!

No worries, we’ve got ya covered with everything from how to dye your [organic] beer green without dying to super easy and fun tips to greening your St. Patrick’s Day.



Green St. Patricks Day Ideas

In case you haven’t noticed, we like to have fun here.

After all, it is The FUN Times Guide to Living Green.

What could be more fun than to celebrate a holiday that has absolutely no meaning to most Americans, solely because it’s an excuse to get drunk and act like an idiot.

(Hey, sometimes the truth hurts.)

Getting drunk and acting a fool on St. Patrick’s Day — or any day, for that matter — is pretty stupid, but there’s nothing wrong with drinking just enough to relax those of us that stay “all pent up”, now is there?


So if you’re going to be drinking anyway, why not drink the most sustainably as you can?


#1: Don’t Die From Dyeing Your Beer Green!

As I mentioned last year, be sure to use SAFE, all natural food coloring methods to turn that beer green.

“Some of the chemicals used in artificial food coloring are believed to be linked to anxiety, migraine headaches, childhood hyperactivity and tumors“.


#2: Use the Tastiest, Organic Beer You Can Find

The crews at Earth911, Care2, and LighterFootsteps have AWESOME suggestions for the best sustainable beer (and other great ways to get into the green of St. Patrick’s Day)…all 3 are a MUST to check out!

Another great option is to buy your brew from a local micro-brewer. I bet you have one close by. Use this locator tool at BeerTown to find what local brewers are near you!

For a different spin on things this St. Paddy’s Day, check out Greenopia’s 11 yummy green drink recipes that are sure to please EVERYONE hopping around the pot o’ gold.


#3: Green Up Your Home AND Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

CondoBlues has 10 inexpensive DIY projects to help you get that house ready for a great, green St. Patrick’s Day Party.

As always, you can find more great eco-friendly St. Paddy’s Day party ideas here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

What are your fun , green, and eco-friendly plans for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow?