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LED bulbs are finally affordable, so I'm converting my entire home to LED lightbulbs. See my top picks for the 5 best cheap LED light bulbs.

In 2013, I installed smart home technology in my home: a smart lighting system. My pros & cons of living with home automation that controls all of the lights in your house.

9 budget-friendly ways to make an eco friendly house - from replacing plastic with natural materials to using eco friendly cleaning products & 7 other green home tips.

Want to go green at your home office? That's what I did. See how much money you'll save by changing a few things in your home office & making it ecofriendly

LED Christmas Tree Lights

LED Christmas tree lights are greener and cheaper than incandescent holiday lights. Use this free Holiday Lighting Calculator to see the energy savings!

green lighting alternatives

Does the Incandescent Light Bulb Ban have you scrambling to replace lightbulbs? See which of these 3 green lighting alternatives will work best for you.

incandescent light bulb ban

We're shedding light on the incandescent light bulb ban. Learn about the alternatives and myths surrounding this controversial ban on regular light bulbs.

If you'd like to lower your utility bills, then these energy efficient remodeling tips should come in handy!


Here are 10 ways to help the environment by being a little more eco-friendly on campus while you're in college.