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Hey, let's face it, there's no way to make the 4th of July green...but we can make it greenER. Check out these FUN tips to pull it off.


Looking for some last minute ideas to go green for St. Patrick's Day? Here's your chance!

Take the challenge and fix some yummy vegan or vegetarian junk food for your next event, like a Super Bowl party. I bet no one even knows the difference!

Merry Christmas from The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. It's not too late to send a last minute Christmas ecard to your friends and family!

Go green this Thanksgiving with these 12 simple, fun, an easy tips.

Don't get sucked dry by evil vampire load. October 30th is National Vampire Awareness Day! Now's the time to unplug electronics that are sucking phantom loads of electricity.

Green Halloween tips to make this year's halloween a green-o-ween with vegan cupcakes, organic chocolate, DIY costumes, and much more!

4 cheap and easy ways to live green on Easter -- like making natural dyes so you don't die.

Organic beer, natural food coloring, mini-keg's easy throwing a green St Patrick's Day party!