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Fallen Palm Leaves + Water = Verterra ‘Disposable’ Dinnerware… My Review

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By Jeffrey

Looking for a killer way to earn some serious style points and uber eco-friendliness to your next party?

Verterra Dinnerware is the answer.

This sustainable dinnerware is made from fallen palm leaves and water… and that’s it. No chemicals, dyes, bonding agents, or bleaches. Verterra dinnerware is 100% biodegradable, BPI-certified compostable, microwave and refrigerator safe, and unbelievably sturdy!

Check out this demonstration of the crazy strength of the Verterra dinnerware:

Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware

Verterra dinnerware is and will continue to revolutionize the “disposable” plate industry.

Bamboo, recycled paper, and PLA (corn-based plastic) plates are better than plain old styrofoam, plastic, or virgin paper plates, but none of them can hold a candle to dinnerware from Verterra.

I love that nothing is harvested to make these plates.

The palm leaves in India that are used to make Verterra products aren’t picked off of palm trees, the ones that naturally fall to the ground are the ones that are collected to use in production.

What Sizes are Available?


  • 4”x4” square: Perfect for single servings, tapas, & tastings
  • 6”x6” square: Great for salads, appetizers, & desserts
  • 8”x8” square: Ideal for lunches, light meals, and picnics
  • 10”x10” square: The standard BBQ & dinner plate


  • 3.5”: Just right for dips and sauces
  • 5”x5”: Ideal for soups
  • 6”x8”: Great for side dishes or chips & dip
  • 8”x8”: Perfect for dinner salads, pasta, and more


  • 7”x8.5”: The caterer’s favorite – versatile for snacks, hor’dourves, desserts, or even a meal
  • 10.5”x12.5”: Perfect for dinner service

In addition to being so eco-friendly, chic, versatile, and durable (seriously, I held an 8 pound dumbbell on the plate in the above video!), the Verterra products are also responsibly produced. The workers making the dinnerware are paid fair wages, given a safe working environment, and are provided access to health care.

Even though these are “disposable” plates intended for one-time use, you’ll find that their sturdiness is just begging you to wash and reuse them. Verterra says that even though they’re not “reusable dinnerware”, many customers report being able to hand wash them time and time again.

You can pick up Verterra products at your local Whole Foods Market, Earth Fair, and other natural/specialty markets; chef, kitchen, and outdoor stores; and at various online retailers.

Find your favorite Verterra products online, and you’ll be well on your way to throwing an awesome eco-friendly Super Bowl party (or any other kind of party, for that matter).