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Is leather or pleather more eco friendly? What about lace? And pottery? Find answers to these questions and get 23 unique ideas for green anniversary gifts.

recycling clothes

Got old clothing that isn't suitable for donating? Try your hand at recycling clothes in these 4 fun ways!

Keep your gadgets charged with this sexy solar powered bikini

Every geek guy's dream...a sexy chic in a solar-powered, gadget-charging bikini. Who could ask for more?

Most of these ridiculously simple green home tweaks can help you save stacks of cash.

Oat shoes

These shoes biodegrade and sprout wildflowers when planted in your garden at the end of their life.

Rid your home of an energy-sucking monster and let the air dry your clothes. You can air dry your clothes in any size space or at any time of the year.

These shoes can go from the trail to the road to the gym and to a nice dinner all without missing an eco-friendly beat.

Greening your daily activities is easier than you think. Check out some of these ideas and then share some of your own.

Be sure you buy just the right gift for all the green girls on your Christmas list.