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3 Super Healthy, Low Budget, and Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy Ideas

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By Jeffrey

Look up the thesaurus entry for most any bag Halloween candy and you’ll likely find synonyms including “ADHD agent”, “Asthma enhancer”, and “Lysdexia fueler”… Whoops, I meant “Dyslexia fueler.”

Fear not little goblins, we’re not going to talk about the evils of food additives and simple sugars right now.

What we are going to talk about are 3 awesome sources for eco-friendly (and healthier) Halloween candy that — get this — won’t cost you a fortune!


#1  Natural Candy Store is one of my new favorite sources for healthier candy.

They’ve got a great selection of all kinds of candy, but their natural Halloween candy selection is a must-see.

Natural Candy Store has several categories of candy to tickle every tongue’s sweet spot: organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, allergen-free, Feingold stage 1, and Feingold stage 2.

They denote which category (or categories) different candy falls in to by little icons near each one.

But what’s the deal with this Feingold rating? Natural Candy Store actually sums it up pretty well:

“The Feingold Program promotes the elimination of all synthetic ingredients from food and personal care products to control the symptoms of ADHD and other conditions. According to the program, some people also experience sensitivity to salycilates, chemicals that occur naturally in many plant foods. Stage 1 of the program eliminates both salicylates and all synthetic ingredients. Stage 2 eliminates synthetic ingredients only (for those who have ruled out salicylate sensitivity).”


#2  Global Exchange Fair Trade Store

Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Store doesn’t have as good of a Halloween candy selection as Natural Candy Store does, but what they do have are some incredible must-have Halloween items.

They’ve got the quintessential chocolate gold coins, fair trade & organic dark chocolate mini’s, and a fair trade trick or treat action pack that includes:

  • One bag of Fair Trade, Organic Dark Chocolate Minis to hand out to Trick or Treaters (40 individual pieces)
  • A stack of festive Halloween postcards for you to hand out
  • Traditional Papel Picado Mexican party streamers
  • Trick or Treat Bag-100% Eco-friendly mulberry paper bag from Thailand (colors vary)
  • A Fair Trade is Boo-tiful poster to hang on your door


#3  Endangered Species Chocolates

In addition to all of their amazing usual selection, Endangered Species Chocolate has added dark chocolate and milk chocolate Halloween treats to their store.

Endangered Species Chocolates donates 10% of their profits to support endangered species and their habitats.


So, what’s your favorite organic, fair trade, or otherwise healthier Halloween candy to hand out (and indulge in)?


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