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Where to find free materials for all your indoor & outdoor DIY projects: free pallets, barrels, mulch, lumber, dirt, rocks, trees, and seasonal craft items!

Is it better to buy a real Christmas tree or a fake one? The answer may surprise you!

Wondering about the environmental impact of real vs. fake Christmas trees? Here's what I've learned... Fake Christmas tree vs. real Christmas tree facts.

Recycle Christmas Trees

I love the holidays, but I also love Earth. That's why I recycle Christmas trees, flowers & other organic materials that I use for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Here's how...

LED Christmas Tree Lights

LED Christmas tree lights are greener and cheaper than incandescent holiday lights. Use this free Holiday Lighting Calculator to see the energy savings!

Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree helps you stay ever-"green" during the holidays - for years to come. Tips, tricks & more to help you care for a live Christmas tree.

Reusing gift wrap is one simple green thing you can do during the holidays. Fun new ways to reuse gift wrap when you're wrapping gifts OR unwrapping gifts.

Green Christmas present ideas

It's not too late to buy for the greener giftees on your Christmas list!

Giving the gift of yourself can be one of the most valuable gifts someone you love receives this holiday season.

Scrambling around to find those last couple of Christmas presents? Here are a few easy, but awesome, present ideas for anyone left on your list.