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darth vadar kid using the force

If only we could employ the force to lower gas prices... but at least a clean energy revolution can.

Why ride a regular bike when you could ride a BOND bike. Secret agent cyclists unite!

Got an old pair of shoes you just can't part with? Give them new life in the form of funky solar-powered lights

Unicorns discovered in Canada! You believe that, right? At least one person does...and the video is proof.

Nissan's new LEAF commercial is a refreshing bait and switch of polar bear cuteness.

This clever cartoon illustrates just how IMpure our water really is. Scary facts indeed.

These novel condoms are actually FDA approved and raise money for the relief and cleanup efforts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Can you correctly answer whether these phrases are names of BP oil cleanup ideas or actually bad action movie titles? Yeah, the similarity is striking...

Can board game trivia always be trusted? If this answer card from 'The Green Game' is any indication, then hell no.