Green Gifts: 7 Last-Minute Christmas Present Ideas

Green Christmas present ideas

If you’re like me and totally haven’t been thinking about Christmas this year, perhaps you’re still in need of some Christmas gifts. Hopefully, I can help you out with this list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas (green ones, of course). There are all kinds of awesome things to get the greener-minded folks on your Christmas list. The cool thing about giving a green gift to someone who cares about the environment, is that the types of things you may give that person are the types of … [Read more...]

Buy Used Books and Get Fairtrade Chocolate Free

Got a love for books and a sweet tooth to match? Well you’re in luck because Better World Books, an eco-friendly online bookseller, is teaming up with Divine Chocolate for the month of November to provide free delectable chocolates in each package of books ordered.Sound too good to be true? It's not. Here's how to get your free chocolates... … [Read more...]

Happy World Fair Trade Day!

Today is World Fair Trade Day! Cool People Care has everything you need to make it a great one. They say: "From coffee to tea to chocolate to T-shirts, fairly traded goods are essential to many entrepreneurs, employees, and enterprises all around the world. To participate, see what events are happening near you. Or, pop into your local Ten Thousand Villages store (which has a lot of options for Mother's Day) and browse around. It's easier than ever to find fair trade items, but … [Read more...]

Break Me Off A Piece of That Not-So Fairtrade Kit Kat Bar

You'll soon be seeing a new logo on the front of Nestlé's Kit Kat bar, the Fairtrade certified logo -- but only if you live in the UK.What is Fairtrade, why does it matter (or does it matter), and why only Fairtrade Kit Kat's in the UK?Well that's what we're fixing to tell you... … [Read more...]

3 Super Healthy, Low Budget, and Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy Ideas

Look up the thesaurus entry for most any bag Halloween candy and you'll likely find synonyms including "ADHD agent", "Asthma enhancer", and "Lysdexia fueler"... Whoops, I meant "Dyslexia fueler." Fear not little goblins, we're not going to talk about the evils of food additives and simple sugars right now. What we are going to talk about are 3 awesome sources for eco-friendly (and healthier) Halloween candy that -- get this -- won't cost you a fortune!   … [Read more...]

Green Lifestyle Magazine: The ONLY Online Magazine Actually Made For The Web


Have you ever thought of all the paper wasted by the magazine industry? Yeah, staggering thought isn't it? Magazines are probably one of the least recycled paper products in existence. Why? Because they're disposable by nature. Where do you buy magazines? On your corner newsstand, in the airport, and at the gas station...all places that aren't likely to have recycling services. So where's an eco-friendly, media-hungry consumer supposed to get their fix? Come my friends, swallow the red … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know to Make Halloween a Green-o-Ween

Halloween is just around the corner, but this year GREEN is the new black. Oh you don't have to dye your full length vampire cape forest green, but there are some amazingly fun, simple, and tasty ways to have a great green-o-ween this year. There's vegan Halloween cupcakes, eco-safe candy, reusable Halloween bags, and so much more. Be sure to let us know your favorite way to have a green-o-ween!   … [Read more...]

Can eBay Bring A World Of Good In Its New Fair Trade Marketplace?

Are you an eco-minded consumer on the look out for products that are safe, non-toxic, fair trade certified, organic, etc?If so, you're part of a group that spends about $45 billion annually on products for living green...but you probably don't go looking for those products on eBay.Guess what, eBay has realized that. Will their new fair trade community and marketplace be all it's touted as, or will it be another case of consumeristic greenwashing? … [Read more...]

4 Cheap Ways To Green Your Easter Baskets, Easter Candy & Dyed Easter Eggs

Ah, Easter. The holiday that seems to ring in the unofficial start of spring. You know... the Easter egg hunts, the bunny rabbits, the toxins in your body. Those are the days we live for. Wait, toxins? Exactly. Many of our Easter practices are quite bad for our health -- and for the environment. Check out these fun, cheap ways to live green this Easter.   … [Read more...]