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4 Cheap Ways To Green Your Easter Baskets, Easter Candy & Dyed Easter Eggs

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By Jeffrey

Ah, Easter. The holiday that seems to ring in the unofficial start of spring.

You know… the Easter egg hunts, the bunny rabbits, the toxins in your body. Those are the days we live for.

Wait, toxins?

Exactly. Many of our Easter practices are quite bad for our health — and for the environment.


Check out these fun, cheap ways to live green this Easter.


This morning my wife asked me, “Have you done an Easter post yet? If not, I’ve got a great idea for one!”

Luckily I was planning on writing this Easter post today, so her idea just added more fuel to what would already be a magnificent post (I gave up humility for Lent).


4 Ways To Green Your Easter


#1 – Use reusable Easter bags instead of Easter baskets.

Instead of giving your friends, young’ns, and loved ones an Easter basket which might get thrown out or not used again until next year, put those Easter goodies in a cheap and stylish reusable bag that can be used year round!

Here’s another gift tip: Reusable bags are also a great alternative to toxic and wasteful wrapping paper.


#2 – Give organic chocolate Easter candy.

Give organic and/or Fair Trade certified chocolate treats.


#3 – Give some homemade gooey green eggs, instead of store bought ones.

The famous Cadbury creme egg has gone green. Cadbury has reportedly packaged their legendary cream eggs in foil — not cardboard boxes — this year. says, “According to Cadbury, this means a reduction of 75% plastic and 65% cardboard compared to its standard Easter eggs.”

I’ll take some Cadbury caramel eggs, if you’re buying.

Better yet, why not make some homemade creme filled eggs for Easter this year?


#4 – Dye Easter eggs naturally… so you don’t die.

Artificial colors found in a great many things these days are very toxic. Instead of using chemical dyes to create your Easter egg works of art, try some all-natural dyes from Nature’s Flavors. These dyes are also useful for other holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day.

To very easily make your own dyes from ingredients probably already in your kitchen, check out the natural food coloring guide.


Are you taking any steps towards living green this Easter? If so, how?