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Finding Eco-Friendly Flowers: The BEST Place To Buy Certified Organic Flowers

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By Jeffrey

organic-green-roses.jpgSo you want to buy that special someone some eco-friendly flowers, huh?

That’s a GREAT idea! After all, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Having a hard time finding certified organic flowers that are affordable?

Having trouble finding them at all?

What do all those certifications and logos mean?

All very good questions!

Let’s answer them…


Finding Organic Florists

It can be tough to find affordably priced organic flowers.

You’ve got places like:

No, the place you want to go for affordable organic certified flowers is:!


Reasons To Use

Trust me, it goes way beyond certifications!

The Basics:

Here’s what flower certifications mean and which ones matter.

  • Choose one of their charitable bouquets and 5% the profit goes to make the world a better place.
  • Variety! They have about 70 different products to tickle your fancy — from flowers to plants to wreaths and even gourmet organic AND fairtrade certified chocolates.

Their Packaging:

“But isn’t it taxing on the environment to ship all those flowers?”

Yes it is.

And Organic Bouquet is doing plenty about it:

  • All boxes are made from recycled and recyclable materials and printed with low VOC water-based paint.
  • They’re currently in the process of converting all of their bouquet sleeves and other plastic bags to biodegradable PLA plastic.
  • All of their inserts and gift cards are printed on recycled or recyclable materials using low VOC soy based inks.

They Offset Their Shipping:

We have partnered with The Climate Trust ( to initiate a carbon offset program that mitigates greenhouse gases generated from shipping your flowers. Each time you purchase a product from Organic Style, the amount of carbon emissions from that shipment is offset by rolling funds into the Truck Stop Electrification Program — a program which reduces wasteful diesel emissions at truck stops by creating low cost, electrical alternatives for truckers to power heating, air conditioning and appliances.

Read more about Organic Bouquet’s carbon offsetting.

Their Eco-Points Reward Program:

This is one of their most unique features, and I’ve saved it for last.

  • Create a free account and earn 10 free points.
  • Login to your account each time you make a purchase.
  • Earn 1 Eco-Point for every $1 spent.
  • Redeem your Eco-Points for FREE purchases.

Every 10 Eco-Points are equal to $1 in savings. So redeem 50 eco-points for a $5 savings, or wait until you accumulate 500 points and get a FREE $50 bouquet! That’s a double whammy that can’t be beaten — affordable organic flowers that get cheaper the more you buy.

So go on over right now to and order your hunny bunny, schookems, or love muffin a beautiful organic bouquet for Valentine’s Day and earn an instant $10-$20 off your next order through the Eco-Points Reward Program.

Where is your favorite place to buy organic flowers?

Here are the reviews of 14 places to find fair trade, organic and natural flowers.