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Jimmy Fallon OWNS NBC's Green Week with a creative eco-jam medley of spoofed songs. Nice!

Captain Planet returns from his absence of keeping our planet safe from evil climate destroying villains to shift his focus towards dealing with the UN.

If the eco-friendliness of the new LEED certified Majestic 12 movie theater doesn't sway you, the VIP theater sure will!

The nation's 1st LEED registered movie theater, The Majestic 12, is now open for business in Chattanooga, TN. Check out these interviews!

The planet may very well be fighting against our fight against climate change. What is its primary weapons? TREES!

Now you can make your own handy-dandy swine flu vaccine at home! The same toxic ingredients in the government issued vaccine are easy to come by.

Don't be fooled by their cuteness, the kitties are out to get us...and our water. Fortunately, Jason Mraz has a great water conservation tip to save us all!

The animals that fill our zoo's and aquariums are tired of being gawked at...and their acting out in very gross ways.

Gangsta rap isn't just about being on a boat, it can be about being a bike too. Hilarious!