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This video shows you just how to choke the life out of a narrow minded climate skeptic...because what else are you going to do with them?

Life got ya down? There's oh so much we can learn about living well through lessons of the undead.

SNL does a twisted and funny rendition on what any good tree hugging couple might experience in a Toyota Prius with acceleration issues.

Toyota's handling of their massive recall is making it way too easy to make fun of them...and the Wall Street Journal is just throwing fuel on the fire.

Awesome video of a Chinese man using his bike as an airborne weapon when he hurled it at 2 thieves trying to get away with a purse snatching.

These 2 ridiculously easy and creative projects are the perfect ideas to bring some flare to any space while reusing items that have outlived their purpose.

The Green Police are on the lookout for plastic water bottle drinkers, non-composters, and gas guzzler least during this year's Super Bowl. Good thing the Audi A3 TDI is safe, as it earned 2010's Green Car of the Year award.

Just a taste of some of the most viral (and soon-to-be viral) videos of the green movement.

Jimmy Fallon OWNS NBC's Green Week with a creative eco-jam medley of spoofed songs. Nice!