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It’s OK to Capture Polar Bears and Drive a Hummer…As Long As You Shop at Trader Joe’s

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By Jeffrey

Tree hugging, granola eating, brow-beating, sign carrying, no-deodorant-wearing hippie types are THE biggest obstacle standing in the way of living green becoming the new norm.

Second only to the tree huggers are guys like this…



How many people do you know like that?

I’m tempted to call them hypocrites, but I guess that’s not really accurate. They’re not hypocrites, they’re just trend followers with misplaced motivation.

Living  greener isn’t about being a public figure or unsung hero (hell, it’s not really even about saving the environment), it’s a personal choice we all make.

So do me a favor and cut the “green washing police” crap and come down off of your high horse. The truth is that there’s always something ELSE we can do to live greenER, but I’m all for taking it one small step at a time.

So if like you’re like Terry in the cartoon and rock your gas guzzler to Whole Foods or wherever, don’t feel bad… you don’t have to buy a Prius to show your love. But try giving recycling a try (unlike Terry).

Of course you could literally go green like Terry or, um, this real life guy posing in an awkward family photo:


Thanks to my friend, The Good Human for reminding about this wonderful video!