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Unicorns discovered in Canada! You believe that, right? At least one person does...and the video is proof.

This clever cartoon illustrates just how IMpure our water really is. Scary facts indeed.

Two wild foxes find their way onto a trampoline then wrestle, play, and jump on it.

These novel condoms are actually FDA approved and raise money for the relief and cleanup efforts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Can you correctly answer whether these phrases are names of BP oil cleanup ideas or actually bad action movie titles? Yeah, the similarity is striking...

Can board game trivia always be trusted? If this answer card from 'The Green Game' is any indication, then hell no.

It turns out that BP doesn't handle coffee spills any better than they do oil spills...

New FireFox plugin 'spills' oil over all the words BP, British Petroleum, etc in your browser.

The Death Star: Your weapons are depletable, ours are renewable. Take that, rebels.