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Sex Appeal and DIY Projects Rule 2009

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By Jeffrey

The 1st decade of the new millennium is over and we had a great time here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

But what were the most popular posts of 2009?

It was all about the DIY projects…from the sexy, to the practical, to the "why didn’t I think of that?".


Just like I recounted at the close of last year, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.

Nevertheless, it is fun to take a look back at the past year and see where you started it and where you ended it.

We actually had 2 posts remain in the top 5 most popular posts of the year from 2008 to 2009. I guess that means that those topics continue to be ones that lots of non-eco-snobs like yourself are interested in, huh?

Most Popular Posts of 2009 (based on % of total traffic)

#5: Green Your Lawn with an Electric Riding Mower (sliding 2 spots from 2008)

#4: 4 Sexy DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls

#3: 3 Cheap DIY Rain Barrels That Actually Look Nice

#2: 4 DIY Ideas for Empty Wine Bottles…Because the Fun Doesn’t Stop Once the Bottle is Empty

…and stoically refusing to relinquish it’s firm grip on the top spot for the 2nd year in a row (drum roll please)…

#1: 3 Ways Under $10 to Make a Rain Barrel

As you can see, 4 of the 5 top posts from 2009 have the words "DIY" or "make" in the title. So now we’re asking for your input, what type of DIY projects would you like to see featured in 2010?

Hell, why stop there? What topics or subjects would you like to see covered more in 2010?