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Where to find free materials for all your indoor & outdoor DIY projects: free pallets, barrels, mulch, lumber, dirt, rocks, trees, and seasonal craft items!

Recycle Christmas Trees

I love the holidays, but I also love Earth. That's why I recycle Christmas trees, flowers & other organic materials that I use for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Here's how...

Looking for some spooky ecofriendly Halloween decorations this year? Make your own Halloween LED lights! Here's how...

Easy and awesome ways to green everything about your Hallowee -- from green Halloween costumes to green Halloween candy to green Halloween decorations~


Be the hit of the Halloween party with these easy to make Lady GaGa video glasses.

Sexy DIY costumes and other slick DIY rain barrel ideas and home decor projects were the most popular posts in 2009. What was your favorite?

Pumpkin pie is great, but so boring. Check out these 9 creative pumpkin recipes to enjoy this fall.

Looking for DIY adult Halloween costumes? Here are some of the best sexy and sultry Halloween costumes for women...and you can make them yourself!

3 amazing DIY Halloween costumes that you can make from things you already have at home and that you'd never guess were homemade!