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“Can We All Just Admit We’re Not Going to Carpool?”

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By Jeffrey

If you live on this planet it should be no secret that the environmental conversation is raging towards the forefront of awareness in our media.

In December, comedian Jim Gaffigan, currently on his popular Beyond the Pale Tour, appeared on Conan O’Brien with a pretty funny environmental stand-up bit.

He did the same bit on Letterman last Friday night, February 23rd.

In that bit he hits on several reasons many of us do not take steps towards going green.

Some of my favorite lines of his are:

  • “I guess you know you’re lazy when you find recycling a pain in the ass “
  • “I guess we should know that paper towels are bad for the environment, because they do have a lumberjack right on the label.”
  • “I’ll chop down these trees, you drive an SUV.”

For many of us, it can and often times does seem too ominous a task to live green. Fortunately, that’s a common misconception. Sure, you can retro fit your roof with solar panels, dig a rainwater cistern, and go all hard core, but you can also take some very simple steps as well.

I dare not say that one is more valuable than the other. Check out some of the posts in the Simple Steps category here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green for some quick, simple, easy, and cheap ways to go green.

What are some simple steps you can think of or have taken?