Spring To Do List: 4 Green Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Toxin-Free


Even with the first day of spring just a scant 11 days behind us, some people’s thoughts have almost certainly turned to spring cleaning. There are 4 very important things that should be on your springtime to-do list. These items will help protect your family from dangerous toxins and get your home in tip-top shape and ready for spring.   Spring Green To Do List … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Homemade Cleaning Products: The Best Ways To Clean With Lemons, Cooking Oil, And Vinegar


Green living can mean a number of different things -- from learning how to make homemade solar panels to using organic fertilizer in your yard and garden. Living green also has to do with conserving water, energy costs and using those commercial cleaners that are full toxic chemicals that could hurt our animals and children. Yet, we keep using those cleaners. But maybe the only reason we do this is because we aren’t aware of how many natural cleaning solutions we actually have in our … [Read more...]

Reasons To Try A Holistic Approach to Fall and Winter Health

The temperature is getting cooler and the leaves are about to start changing. But the change in the seasons can sometimes cause the body's defenses to weaken and allow you to get sick. Most of us run to the medicine cabinet to grab our sinus or cold medication of choice. But this fall you might want to consider holistic medicine as an alternative to conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is usually taken once the body becomes sick, whereas holistic medicine concentrates on healing the body … [Read more...]

Health Warning: Store Receipts Found To Be Hidden Sources of BPA!

Are you looking to live a BPA-free life? Yeah, that's a good idea. The chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) is one nasty friendship to welcome into your world. Most people know that BPA exists in many plastic containers or water bottles, the interior lining of many canned soups and vegetables, and in a slew of baby bottles, but did you know that it's also found in cash register receipts?   … [Read more...]

Round Up: Aren’t You Glad Companies That Made WMD’s Also Produce Weed Killer?

With spring gardening and landscaping in full swing, it's sometimes tempting to use harsh chemicals to control those pesky weeds. One of the most popular of those weed killers is Monsanto's Round Up. This awesome cartoon from the talented Joe Mohr (also seen on Twilight Earth and Wend Magazine) might help you think twice before deploying Round Up in your fight against weeds. … [Read more...]

Is Your Laptop Sleeve Destroying Your Sex Drive? GreenSmart Neogreene Sleeves To The Rescue!

So you've gone and dropped that nice chunk of change on an uber-green Macbook (or another eco-friendly laptop) and now you're looking for a way to tote in around in sustainable style. Hey, why not grab a nifty neoprene sleeve to sport it in? Too bad that neoprene contains all kinds of toxic nastiness... including some toxins that can wreak havoc on your reproductive system. Yikes! Luckily, a new product on the market has already swooped in to your rescue -- you just didn't know it … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Tattoos: From Eco-Themed To Under-Skin Touchscreen Tattoos

Can there be anything green about tattoos besides the color of the ink? Nope. Well, at least not yet anyway. So if you are going to shoot toxic and permanent colorants into your body (which I desperately want to do, by the way) why not go with a green theme? Or of course you can always insert a digital and programmable tattoo device under your skin so you can sport a new design daily. More on that in a minute... … [Read more...]