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Warning: You Consume WAY More Toxic Food Additives Than You Think!

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By Jeffrey

Relax, it’s not like the average American ingests 10 pounds of toxic food additives each year…

You only consume 9 pounds!

The Truth About Food Additives
via WeightLoss.org

As a personal fitness trainer, an active person, and an enjoyer of life, health and nutrition are a pretty big deal to me.

Now don’t hear me saying that you shouldn’t indulge in a guilty pleasure now and again, but controlling what goes into your body is something that is paramount if you want to live a healthy life.

Unfortunately, the task of controlling what goes into our bodies isn’t up to anyone but ourselves — because it sure isn’t up to the FDA, regardless of what good intentions they might tout.

(What are those things that are said to pave the road to Hell? Oh yeah, good intentions…)

The green and health worlds talk a lot about organic foods, fruits, veggies, and the like, but there’s sadly little awareness of food additives that slip under the radar.

Thanks to my friend Brian Howard at The Daily Green, this infographic helps bring some of the scary and disgusting facts into the limelight.

What are your favorite ways to eat well and live healthy?