4 Awesome Ecotourism Ideas You Can Enjoy In The United States – Green Vacations That Are Fun & Sustainable


It seems like we’re all going green nowadays – even where we’re going has gone green! Ecotourism has become one of the newest ways we show our love to the planet while we’re on vacation. What exactly is ecotourism? According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), ecotourism is described as “responsible travel to natural areas which conserve the environment and sustains the well-being of local people.” … [Read more...]

Seaweed Fertilizer: A Great DIY Natural Fertilizer For Your Garden


I’ve been gardening for many years -- both in vegetable beds and using containers on balconies. Whatever the situation has been, one of my annual keys to success is seaweed. It’s true, most other things called ‘weeds’ we’d rather keep out of the yard, but when seaweed is available it’s one of the best kinds of organic fertilizers nature provides. Not only does seaweed supply important nutritional value to soil, it also helps stimulate growth in plants, enhances the dietary value of … [Read more...]

Nature in a Rail Car…Literally

Rail car turned mobile garden

As part of this month’s Art on Track festival in Chicago, some greenies with an artistic twinge (or artists with a green twinge) turned the inside of a rail car into a nature wonderland. The rail car “circled Chicago’s elevated downtown loop for 5 hours with several additional cars decorated with numerous other art installations,” This Is Colossal writes. Art on Track was apparently the “world’s largest mobile art exhibition” and I imagine this is the biggest such “nature on a train” … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids a Green Jump Start at an Eco Summer Camp


Do you ever wish that you would have learned the cool “green” stuff that you know now, a few years earlier? If so, why not give your kids, or kids you know, a chance to do just that...a jumpstart on learning, if you will. How you might ask? Summer camp of course! Don’t get me wrong, there’s always the option of giving a green book to read, but eco-friendly camp just sounds WAY more fun. Read on to check out a list of several great ones.   … [Read more...]

An Eco-Friendly Review Of Hi-Tec Altitude Enviro Hiking Boots

Real hikers get out and explore the great outdoors year round... and don't let anyone tell you different. As fall draws to a close, so do most hikers' trekking poles, but the winter landscape allows you to experience your favorite hikes or camping spots in an entirely new way. A new pair of eco-friendly hiking boots will help you kick it in nature all winter long. It doesn't matter to me if you're rediscovering an old favorite trail or trail blazing a new one, just get out and … [Read more...]

Oil Spill Cartoon: Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice…

How can we believe BP when they say they're going to get a handle on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? This great cartoon from Joe Mohr appeared on Wend Magazine. Wend says:BP is currently dumping enormous amounts of potentially toxic dispersants on the growing oil spill. The dispersants (chock full of undisclosed ingredients) are surfactants that break oil down into small droplets that sink into the water. Dirtying it down is not cleaning it up! … [Read more...]

Oil Spills, Devastating Tennessee Flood, and Car Bomb in NYC

This weekend was one for the record books...and not the good kind. The thing about life is that there is always a silver lining, if you choose to see it. Nashville (in addition to the rest of west and middle Tennessee), New York City, and the Gulf Coast states have that choice to make today. … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Designer Sunglasses From Dragon Alliance

Sure, it's beginning to cool down as fall approaches, but that's definitely not because the sun isn't shining and that you couldn't do with some fresh new shades, right? These are the E.C.O. sunglasses from Dragon Alliance. Read on to find out just how eco-friendly these sunglasses are!   … [Read more...]

The Perseids Meteor Shower: How to View Nature’s Fireworks Display

Do you remember the first time you saw a brilliant shooting star streaking across the sky? Well, focus your gaze northeast into the night sky and you may see upwards of 80 per hour! One of nature's most impressive displays of grandeur is the Perseids meteor shower. The Perseids are the most dependable and most viewed meteor shower of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Their magnificence is second only to the December Geminids, but you also don't have to brave a cold wintry night to … [Read more...]