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Eco-Friendly Designer Sunglasses From Dragon Alliance

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By Jeffrey

Sure, it’s beginning to cool down as fall approaches, but that’s definitely not because the sun isn’t shining and that you couldn’t do with some fresh new shades, right?

These are the E.C.O. sunglasses from Dragon Alliance.

Read on to find out just how eco-friendly these sunglasses are!


Dragon Alliance Sunglasses

Dragon Alliance is a sunglasses and apparel company that is wildly popular in the surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding worlds.

They’ve teamed up with pro surfer Rob Machado to create the E.C.O sunglasses, as well as the other styles in the “Experience” line.

Dragon Alliance says,

“Nowadays Rob is really focused on raising awareness on environmental issues. In 2003, Rob launched ‘The Rob Machado Foundation’. Initially created to support music educational programs, Rob switched the foundations focus to environmental issues and promoting education programs within Elementary Schools

The E.C.O, or, Environmentally Conscious Optics, is an initiative by Dragon inspired by Rob to actively investigate methods of manufacturing environmentally friendly sunglasses. The result is the first EVER sunglasses with material made from 100% renewable origin that is replenished through natural processes at a rate that matches the rate of consumption.


What Makes The E.C.O. Sunglasses Green?

Dragon Alliance repeatedly touts these features in just about every venue that you ma find these sunglasses:

  • “First EVER sunglasses with material made from 100% renewable origin”
  • “FSC certified packaging material”
  • “Comes with 100% organic cotton bags, printed with water-based ink”

Here’s the thing… nowhere on the site (or from anyone I was able to speak with at Dragon Alliance) is there an explanation of what “material made from 100% renewable origin” actually means. So as TreeHugger also said, caveat emptor.

With that said, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt here.