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Water Wasting FAIL!

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By Jeffrey

Letting your automatic sprinkler system run in the middle of a monsoon is a BIG water wasting FAIL!

This is a picture I snapped this morning in which a local apartment complex was cluelessly letting their automatic sprinkler system run on the 2nd day of a forecasted week long wash-out here in middle Tennessee…and it has been coming down in buckets! 


The Irrigation Association says,

"Did you know that more than 50% of the water used by households goes to maintaining landscapes and lawns? You can help reduce your outdoor water use, keep your landscape more attractive and healthy—and save money every month on your water bill—by upgrading your landscape sprinkler system with a “smart” controller."

Very simply put, smart controllers utilize soil moisture sensors to automatically adjust your watering needs to the environmental conditions. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

So if you employ an automatic sprinkler system to maintain your landscape, upgrade to a smart controller and very possibly qualify for a $375 rebate.

Consider that your quick green tip o’ the day…