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Trying to stop wasting water in the bathroom? Here are 3 ways to conserve or reuse bathroom water.

Adopting green office habits can be simple if small steps are taken each day. photo by Phillie Casablanca on Flickr.

Trying to adopt green office habits? Here are 5 tips that can make reaching that goal a easier.


Here are 10 ways to help the environment by being a little more eco-friendly on campus while you're in college.

Metal staples are out. This staple-free stapler lets you stitch your papers together without the use of staples!

Greening your daily activities is easier than you think. Check out some of these ideas and then share some of your own.

Giving the gift of yourself can be one of the most valuable gifts someone you love receives this holiday season.

Don't waste your money, or the environment, on shiny new wrapping paper. Here are 8 eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts.

Better World Books have teamed up with Divine chocolate to give you free Fairtrade chocolate in each order of used books.

Think you can't recycle something? Think again. Check this list for ..