Eco-Confession Time: Are You A Water Waster Like Me?

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wasting-water-large.jpgIt’s true. I’m a water waster. I waste water in all the worst ways.

I swear. The sound of running water is so intoxicating to me. I think I really have some sort of weird complex.

I leave it running while I brush my teeth (while simultaneously letting the shower heat up–like in the pic).

I even have this weird thing where I “have” to have the sink facuet on while I’m “taking care of business“…if ya get my drift. I know, I’m a freak. Someone send the nice men in white jackets.

Seriously though, the EPA says that although 2/3 of our planet is water, only about 1% is available for human use!!

So how have I begun to change my water wasting ways? One step at a time… that’s how.

While we’re talking statistics, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says:

“With one-third of the world’s population living in countries which are experiencing water shortages, it is unforgivable that so little is done to preserve and ensure proper management of this invaluable and life giving resource.”

Granted, the WWF seems to deal a little more (ok, A LOT more) harshly and vigilantly than I do when it comes to living green, but they still make some good points.


5 Small Steps I AM Taking to Cork My Water Wastage:

1) Turning the water off (and pacing around the bed room) while I brush my teeth.

2) Turning the water off while I wash dishes.

3) Checking my toilet for leaks (and I’ll soon employ the toilet tank brick trick as well). says, “In the average home, the toilet accounts for 28% of water use.”

4) Only washing full loads of laundry.

5) Not running the water while I “take care of business” or to heat up my shower. (Ok, these 2 have been REALLY hard for me… but I’m making progress.)


4 Small Steps I PLAN to Take to Cork My Water Wastage:

1) Turn the hose off in between rinses while washing the cars. also says, “As much as 150 gallons of water can be saved when washing a car by turning the hose off between rinses.”

2) Build a rain barrel.

3) Install low flow, yet powerful, showerheads.

4) Eventually purchase new water saving appliances like a new washer and tankless water heater.


What are some of your favorite ways to save water? To those striving towards living green (or at least greener), simple steps seem to affect water conservation more than almost any other category.

Stay Tuned: Speaking of water, check back soon to learn how to get into some more green DIY by constructing your own $800 feature for WAY less than $100! Oops, did i give it away?