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Most of these ridiculously simple green home tweaks can help you save stacks of cash.

LED lights can be implemented into nearly anything...including toilet seats. Wow!

Want to save the earth? Conquer your bladder shyness and use a urinal.

Eco-friendly cleaning hacks! Save some money, time, and the planet by making your own green cleaning products from things you already have around the house.

Spending a little money on living green can save you some BIG money in the long run.

Want to save some serious water and some serious cash? These are the simple steps I'm taking to reduce my water wastage...and you can too.

Green cleaning can help you save money and live healthily. Here's how to pull it off... the most toxic chemicals to avoid, plus tips for cleaning green at home!

Easy, quick, and cheap ways to save A LOT of water for World Water Day...and every other day.


A huge list of FREE and SIMPLE things you can do to live green every day... and save money while saving the planet!