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10 Ways To Green Your Evening Routine

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By Zachary

If you look at the 3 articles in this series (8 Ways to Green Your Morning Routine, 5 Ways to Green Your Daytime Routine, and this one), I think one thing clearly stands out.

While “greening your transport” or “greening your diet” may look like individual green actions on the surface (i.e. the same as “greening your wardrobe”), these cover actions that you do not only once a year, not only once a month, not only everyday even, but a few times a day.

So, the point is, they add up to a lot. Greening your diet or your transport means a lot more than greening your wardrobe.


However, I guess another key point is that if greening your transport or greening your diet completely is just too much to tackle, you can consider greening your morning routine, or greening your breakfast, or greening your Mondays instead.

You can still make a difference doing these things, even if you are not sure about going 100% yet.

Anyway, time to move on to 10 ways to green your evening or nighttime routine:


#1 – Bike, ride mass transit, or carpool home from work, to the restaurant, to the movie theater, or to wherever you’re going.


#2 – Eat a local, organic, vegetarian or vegan dinner. Again, organic, local, and vegetarian/vegan are where it’s at when it comes to greening your diet.


#3 – Play a board game, cards, or some sort of people-focused game (e.g. charades) that doesn’t require the use of electronics and, thus, saves energy.


#4 – Have a talk with your partner. It could help a lot more than the environment to give some focused attention to your partner and have a little one-on-one.


#5 – Read a book. Again, this one saves energy (like #3). And it can be both highly entertaining and educational.


#6 – Do yoga. Along with the fact that this is another low-energy activity, yoga can improve your health and can help you keep a balance in life as well, helping you to stick to your greenest possible lifestyle.


#7 – Shower-pool or, at least, turn off the water when lathering up when you take a shower. Also, try to use cold water instead of hot. From what I’ve heard, this is actually healthier, too.


#8 – Use eco-helpful condoms. Yes, there are condoms out there that help the environment (in more ways than adding more people to the planet). For example, some of your money will go towards Gulf restoration efforts if you buy “Drill without the Spill” condoms. There are other eco-friendly condom options out there, too. And, of course, there are also other ways to green your sex life.


#9 – Use organic cotton or bamboo sheets. Cotton, may be a “natural” material, but it is also the second-most pesticide-laden crop in the world (after coffee). Of course, no need to go buy new sheets if you’ve got fully functional ones now, but next time you are in need of new ones, go organic cotton or bamboo!


#10 – Go to bed early enough every night to get up with the sun. This looks like the end of the list, and I’m a little late on this tip today, so better get off.


Hope you enjoyed these tips and the previous ones in this series. What other ideas do you have to share?

photo: stephcarter