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Calling All Kids: Guilt Your Parents Into Earth Hour With These Fun Activities!

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By Jeffrey

earth-hour-kids.jpgOk kids, stick out that bottom lip, turn on the puppy eyes, and  guilt  encourage your parents to get your family involved in Earth Hour!

As I mentioned before, in my warning about the steel chair weilding panda bears, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has an awesome Earth Hour Kids website!

I recently got to sit down with the man behind the Earth Hour Kids theme song (the one you hear playing on the Earth Hour Kids site), and he’s got some great ideas to make Earth Hour FUN for the whole family!

“Earthman” Lanny Smith is the man behind the song.

Who is Lanny?

“[Lanny Smith] is known to millions of children and adults as the “Earthman”. He founded the non-profit organization, The Earthman Project, to use the power of music, the arts and the web to educate, and then activate people. The Earthman is an award winning songwriter/environmental performing artist!”


FUN Family Earth Hour Ideas:


Last but not least, check out and spread the video of “In This Earth Hour”, the Earth Hour kids theme song. (Remember, it’s a KID’S song!):


What’s your family gonna do for Earth Hour?