Green Lunches: 4 Simple Ways To Enjoy Eco-Friendly Meals On The Go


When noon comes rolling around, lunchtime has come a-calling for me. I’ve heard about green lunches and all, but until lately am not sure I’ve been the most environmentally friendly fast food luncher. I’m the self-professed American prince of the fast food restaurant; I’m sure there’s got to be a fast food king somewhere, but I’ve not been to the West Coast yet, so I’ve not had the chance to try all of the drive-thru restaurants in the U.S. yet.  Hello, In-N-Out Burger and Jack in the … [Read more...]

Green College Tips: 10 Ways To Go Green At School


With students slowly returning to colleges and universities, one of the focuses for the coming school year should be to make it a more eco-friendly one. After all, when areas receive the influx of people on the scale that so many neighborhoods with campuses do, it can inflict havoc on local environments. I myself went to a school that had close to 20,000 students who swarmed the surrounding communities. As individuals we may not have realized the impact we had as a large group, but it was … [Read more...]

Solar in UK Schools

solar in uk schools

This is a really fun new development in the UK. Climate activist group 10:10 is behind it, but really, it’s all about local communities. The short story: 10:10 has created a website, Solar Schools, where people can easily donate as little as £5 to put solar panels on a local school’s roof. The organization creates a webpage for each school involved that shows who has donated (unless you want to remain anonymous) and how much, by replacing some of the solar cells with donor photos, names, … [Read more...]

Buy Used Books and Get Fairtrade Chocolate Free

Got a love for books and a sweet tooth to match? Well you’re in luck because Better World Books, an eco-friendly online bookseller, is teaming up with Divine Chocolate for the month of November to provide free delectable chocolates in each package of books ordered.Sound too good to be true? It's not. Here's how to get your free chocolates... … [Read more...]

International Walk To School Day (October)

Remember those days when kids used to walk to school? The Partnership for a Walkable America is trying to bring that concept back into our busy day to day lives. How? With an International Walk To School Day, of course.   Walk To School Day History The Partnership for a Walkable America sponsored the first Walk to School day in 1997 in Chicago, getting the idea from the United Kingdom. It was done in an effort to make the surrounding communities more walker … [Read more...]

THE Guide To Greening All Of Your School Supplies

Are you already overwhelmed by the school supplies list that little Johnny just brought or will soon bring home? If you've got to fork over the dough for the school supplies anyway, why not buy eco-friendly supplies? That's right, you can get everything from paper and notebooks made from bananas or mangos to solar backpacks and even FSC certified graphite and colored pencils. All of these supplies are easy to come by, eco-friendly, and help you take one more step towards a greener … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Summer Tips: How To Stay Green While School Is Out For The Summer

Everyone sing it with me Alice Cooper style... School's...out...for...summa... School's...out...for...eva... Summertime brings with it lots of great things like vacation, fun in the sun, and great green cookouts. However, it can also bring with it some VERY frustrating schedule changes with school being out. So how can you settle back into a routine and continue living green through the summer? Here's how... … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Teach Children To Live Green …Even If You Don’t Have Kids Yourself!


As you know, children learn how to do things by watching and mimicking adults. If adults set a bad example by doing tasks in front of children the wrong way, then of course the children learn to do these tasks the wrong way as well. They don't know it's the wrong way, they are just learning. This is true for any task or set of tasks, including living green and doing what you can to help preserve the environment. The world is going to someday day belong to our children and if we … [Read more...]

Every Day Is Earth Day… And It STARTS With Our Children

If we continue to misuse our planet's resources and allow it to continue in its spiraling descent into oblivion, who will be the ones to suffer? As a guy in my mid 20's I'll feel a lot of the pain, but it'll be those much younger than me who bear the brunt of the damage we're inflicting today -- and all because we're just lazy. In celebration of Earth Day, I was extended the privilege to speak to a couple of 3rd grade classes at a local elementary school. I really enjoyed getting to … [Read more...]