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Zombie Yoga: Living A Full Life Through Undead Lessons

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By Jeffrey

I love zombies.

They can teach us so much if we can only get past their decaying flesh and misunderstood moans.

The Zen of Zombie, by Scott Kenemore, not only helps us better understand the undead culture, but shows us ways we can actually live better through lessons gleaned from them. (The Zen of Zombie is also available on Audible)

…and how to avoid having your brain eaten by the occasional hoard of unhappy zombies.

In a great promo for the book an ad was run around New York City that simply said, “Dress like a zombie and bring your yoga mat.”

The result is the following video of 100 zombies getting their yoga on.

But what do yoga and zombies have to do with living green?

First enjoy the video and then I’ll explain…

Living green isn’t just about recycling, buying organic items, or reducing your energy consumption.

Sure, those things are all awesome and are often involved in someone’s journey towards living greener, but as you’ll soon discover (if you haven’t already), those are just a few small parts of green living.

Many of us find that green living has to do less and less with what you do and more to do with who you are…or are becoming.

Somewhere along your journey, you’re likely to look up and realize that green living is about living in harmony with the Earth, with the life that it holds, and with yourself. Many people find that yoga is helpful for all of the above.

Combine the benefits of yoga with the lessons learned from zombies and you’re well on your way to an enjoyable and fulfilling life…but hopefully not an undead one.

The author of The Zen of Zombie, Scott Kenemore, also contributes to the Huffington Post. In an article he wrote about his own book Kenemore says,

Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses.

If there’s a lesson to be taken from this fact, it’s “use what you got.” It’s a lesson nobody’s learned better than a zombie.

In short, the zombies (in all of their various forms) remind us that to be good at what you do, you don’t need to be “normal” by anyone’s standards but your own. No matter what hand God, or nature, or various artificial reanimating nerve agents have dealt you, you already have everything you need to effectively achieve your goals and follow your dreams.

Scott Kenemore

So get out there this weekend and enjoy life. There is no normal. We’re all simultaneously messed up and perfect.

Hat Tip to my friends at Elephant Journal for turning me on to the above zombie yoga video.