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the man who cycled the americas

Think a bicycle isn't a feasible mode of transportation? Mark Beaumont biked from the top of North America to the bottom of South America. Meet the man who cycled the Americas... and the world!

3 young filmmakers travel across the United States to showcase creative and local solutions to climate change.

Scrambling around to find those last couple of Christmas presents? Here are a few easy, but awesome, present ideas for anyone left on your list.

Check out these fun videos from green companies at the Green Living Expo in Nashville...and win a free non-toxic & organic t-shirt!

Vegetarians taste better...and so do vegetarian vampires. Check out these fun facts and rumors of the sexual benefits of vegetarianism with the release of Twilight tomorrow in theaters.

Save money, the environment, and have a blast by taking in a drive-in movie this weekend. Yeah, there's probably a theatre near you.