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Green Living Expo In Nashville: Videos And Highlights

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By Jeffrey

nashville-tn-green-living-business-expoLast Friday I got to hang out at the Green Living Business Summit and Expo here in Nashville.

After successfully ducking out of some horribly boring panel discussions, I ran into some great green friends (and made some new ones)…and got them on camera to share with you!

First up is a video with Sam Davidson & Stephen Moseley, co-founders of Cool People Care and Andy from Friendly Arctic Printing and Design.

Don’t miss the quick instructions on how you can receive a FREE non-toxic, organic t-shirt from Cool People Care at the end of this video.

*UPDATE: Congrats to Kathy who won the free organic t-shirt from Cool People Care very shortly after this post went live!*

**On the horribly boring members of panel discussions note: This seems to be an unfortunate epidemic. I’d like to offer my services to fill in on eco-panel discussions in the stead of your blasé and droning panelists…geez, seriously?!**


Kilowatt Ours

Next up, I finally got to meet the good people from the award-winning film, Kilowatt Ours — which I’ve been wanting to get to do for forever!

Kilowatt Ours and The Fun Times Guide to Living Green share a very similar purpose. We want people to see that changing our world can and does happen by taking simple, easy, and FUN steps. Period.

The girls from Kilowatt Ours and I agreed to co-stalk each other and hook up on some projects in the future. Looking forward to it!

Here’s a sweet 2 minutes and a quick energy demonstration from Doreen with Kilowatt Ours:

 See how such a simple step makes such a big difference?


Louisville Tile

Louisville Tile‘s display seriously caught my eye… and camera.

If you’re looking to do some kitchen or bathroom renovations in the near future, you should definitely check out their recycled counter tops and recycled backsplash tiles.

If you’ve been drinking some SKY vodka recently, you’ve contributed to their recycled countertops.

If not, drink up…


Earth Savers Recycling

Earth Savers is an incredibly awesome and affordable recycling collection service that, for now, is only available in middle Tennessee.

In this video, Bobby from Earth Savers drops some pretty amazing statistics of how much CO2 can be saved through simple recycling.

Earth Savers does plan to expand, so if you’re without an affordable and dependable recycling collection service, hit up their website and contact them!

Which video was YOUR favorite?