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Green Weekend Tip: Take In a Drive-In Movie

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By Jeffrey

drive_in_theatre.jpgLooking for something fun and green to do this weekend?

How about going to a drive-in movie?

Earth911.org turned me on to this tip yesterday and I thought it was a great idea to pass on. Drive-Ins encourage carpooling, use less energy than conventional theatres, and save can you a trunk load of money as well!

Oh you don’t think there are any drive-in theatres around you? I bet there are.

True, there aren’t 4000+ drive-in theatres that there were in the drive-in hay-days of the 50’s and 60’s, but there are about 530 still operating in the U.S. today.

Drive-Ins.com is the place on the web to find all the drive-in information you need. They have a handy zip code locater that allows you to find all the drive-ins near you.

Drive-In Fun Facts:

  • Drive-Ins normally have a reduced ticket price (around $7)
  • That price is, in most all cases, for a double feature (or maybe even 3 shows in a night if you’re lucky)
  • Concessions are DIRT cheap and oh-so-yummy
  • Most drive-ins sell a food pass that can be purchased for around $5, permitting you to bring all the treats you’d like and is good for the entire car load!

Care to share your drive-in experiences (whether they were from the 50’s or from today)?