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Road TerraPass: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint, Then Buy Carbon Offsets

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By Jeffrey

Though it takes some level of cooperation to make one million vehicles vanish from American roads, you can make it as if your vehicle doesn’t exist in one fell swoop.


By purchasing a Road TerraPass for your vehicle.


A TerraPass can be purchased for between $29.95 and $79.95, depending on your vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions, which TerraPass calculates based on the type of vehicle you drive and what your driving habits include.

When you purchase your Road TerraPass, that money is then used to fund green energy projects that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

From‘s “What You Get” section,


For You:

Yeah, this is about the environment. But it’s also about you and your car. Spread the word that taking responsibility for global warming is easy and affordable.

Your member kit includes:

  • TerraPass window decal. A static cling decal for the window of your car that shows how much you have reduced your impact.
  • TerraPass bumper sticker. Be loud and proud.
  • TerraPass clear decal. A clear decal featuring the TerraPass logo. Looks great on tinted windows.


For the Environment:

Your TerraPass purchase supports clean energy projects. When you buy a TerraPass, you sponsor a guaranteed reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

For example:

  • An entrepreneurial wind farmer receives funds to expand his plant.
  • A small dairy farmer gets capital to install digesters on his farm to control methane emissions.”


You can also purchase a TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions produced by a flight you take and the electricity you use at home, in addition to the above mentioned Road TerraPass.

Currently, TerraPass has reduced over 150 million pounds of CO2 pollution by funding clean energy projects, with the goal of reducing 10 billion pounds.

I can get on board with that. Can you?