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LED bulbs are more affordable than ever - so I'm finally converting my entire home to LED light bulbs. My top picks for the best performing cheap LED bulbs.

By following this green checklist, you can easily incorporate simple eco-friendly practices into your daily routine AND reduce your carbon footprint.

Hi-Tec debuts an eco-friendly version of their top-rated Altitude hiking boots. We reviewed the Hi-Tec Altitude Enviro boots for eco-friendliness & quality.


A great high-speed rail system in the U.S. would make travel cheaper, greener, and more fun than depending on cars and planes.

Many people know the basic reasons that bike commuting is so awesome. But check out these little-known hidden benefits of bike commuting too.

Jimmy Fallon OWNS NBC's Green Week with a creative eco-jam medley of spoofed songs. Nice!

Green Gadgets for Dummies is THE book that every gadget geek and computer lover should own. It's FUN, informative, and an awesome read.

Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of The West in the Wicked musical, doesn't just have green skin, the entire production is 'Going Green. For Good.'

Nothing is hotter right now than transformers...except of course for SOLAR POWERED transformers!