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Ruffwear Gourdo: An Eco-Friendly Throw Toy For Dogs

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By Jeffrey

ruffwear-gourdo-dog-toyWe work hard and have fun living green, but do our four-legged friends deserve any less?

Just because they have twice the number of legs doesn’t mean they should get half of the health and eco-friendliness does it?

Of course not!

Dogs can reduce their carbon footprint pawprint too… and receiving an eco-friendly throw toy would be a great place to start!

The Gourdo is a great toy from Ruff Wear, and every dog will absolutely love it!

Hey, you already spoil your eco-dog in all kinds of ways — including with organic dog-friendly frozen yogurt —  why not give them something safe and eco-friendly to play with too?

The Gourdo is made from natural latex rubber, which is a sustainable and renewable resource.

It’s a great shape for chewing and is covered in “dental nubs” to help keep those canines pearly white. (Hey, are all of a dog’s teeth technically canine teeth?)

The attached rope makes the Gourdo easy to throw or fun to play tug of war with.

The Gourdo floats in water so imagine the fun summer days you could share with your furry friends spent tossing the Gourdo into the water and watching your dog have a blast retrieving it!


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