Watch Out, It Might Be Easy To Miss Your Local Earth Day Festivities

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Earth-Day-40th-anniversaryThe 40th anniversary of Earth Day is next week, April 22nd, but did you know that your local Earth Day festivities are most likely THIS weekend?

Not only is the couple-day early timing working against  you, but the lack of a central hub for discovering local activities and festivals might cause you to miss out on them too.

Consider us your hub…


Earth Day News

A quick Google search for “Earth Day” will lead you to believe that there are 2 — and possibly 3 — “official” Earth Day websites.

They are:


When visiting and, you get the feeling that 2 two sites are working together.

But if that is true, why do they provide different information?

Clicking “Earth Day Events” or “Find an Event” on takes you to’s event search node.

The official Earth Day event in Nashville, TN, where I live, is not even listed there.

Click on the “Find Earth Day events around the globe” link on’s homepage and you’ll be taken to their own search node.

…where my local event is listed.

How frustrating is that?

Even though the EPA’s Earth Day site seems a little less “official”, it also seems to be more robust.

If you’re in the U.S. you should definitely check out the EPA’s Earth Day event finder. Of course the other option is to screw Earth Day.

When is your local Earth Day festival? If you’re not rocking a festival, what are your plans for Earth Day?