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Weird, Computers Were The Most Recycled Item of 2009

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By Jeffrey

Earth911-Annual-Report-2009.jpg What was the most recycled item of 2009?

Computers – according to Earth911.com.

Earth911.com released their 2009 Annual Recycling Report (.pdf), and somewhat surprisingly, electronics took the top slots on the list of items most recycled.

Computers, batteries, and televisions were the top 3 products recycled…which probably means that lots of folks are burning through batteries while uploading photos from their digital camera to their new laptops, while enjoying their new vivid HDTVs.

Seriously though, electronics are often some of the most awkward things to recycle, so how could they be more recycled than aluminum cans and glass?

Any ideas?

If you’re interested in starting a recycling program of your own, Earth911.com is a great place to start. The tool that sits a top every page on their site makes it simple and easy to find out where to recycle anything you can imagine.

Just type in what you need to recycle (i.e. paint, computers, aluminum cans) then plug in your zip code, city, or state and bada bing…you’re very own nifty list of recycling centers near you that can accommodate your recycling needs.

What do you think you recycled most of in 2009?