Snyder’s of Hanover’s UNBELIEVABLE Greenwash


Ok, so we're not really the type of folks to throw out the greenwashing penalty flag, but this is just ridiculous. Snyder's of Hanover has ripped off the design of the USDA Organic seal to simply list product ingredients... and ingredients that aren't even organic. I snapped this photo in my local grocery store last week: I posted it on The Fun Times Guide to Living Green's Facebook Page earlier today and our awesome friends there were as shocked as I was. We'll never label a business or … [Read more...]

Coca Cola Should Be the 2010 Olympics Green Medal Winner

Were you glued to the 2010 Winter Olympics over the past couple of weeks?Did you know that they were the greenest olympics to have ever taken place? (Even the medals were partially made from recycled electronics!)What uber hip, eco-friendly, conservation giant do you think was leading the charge to keep the 2010 Vancouver Olympics green?Coca Cola.Seriously? Coke? Yes.As a matter of fact, a recent study found that though consumers thought Coca Cola was one of the least eco-friendly companies … [Read more...]

15,000 Square Feet of Certified Green Mega-Mansion

Have you heard about Acqua Liana, the green-mega mansion created by luxury real estate developer, Frank McKinney? LOTS of folks around the green blogosphere are asking if the words "mansion" and "green" can rightly be used in the same sentence. Can they? Are the treehugging critics just letting their green streak–and not the eco-friendly kind–get the best of them (since the mansion has 3 different green certifications), or do they really have a valid … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Tell If A ‘Green’ Product Is REALLY Environmentally Friendly

We live in a world where most of us are becoming quite concerned about the state of our environment. We know that our overuse of energy and natural resources is becoming a real problem. Landfills are overflowing, and our air and water sources are becoming seriously polluted. While there are things being done to help rectify these problems we don't really know if they have been done in time. Even worse, if the damage has already been done, is it too late to go back to the pristine state … [Read more...]

Greenwashing: What To Look For And How To Avoid It

Living green can be easy, but greenwashing does NOT make it easier. So what is greenwashing? Wikipedia defines it like this: "A term that is used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service." These days, products and service that help in living green are big business. Unfortunately, that means that the greenwashing problem will only get worse. How can you know whether the green … [Read more...]

The Salt Water Pool Scandal: What’s the "Greenest" Swimming Pool System?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the greenest pool system of all? This is a question that many of us water lovers around the world will be asking as the temperature begins to rise... and as we try to find fun, cheap, environmentally friendly ways to stay cool. (Ok, so maybe we won't be rhyming, but we'll still be curious.) We know that chlorine can do a number on your body, so that's pretty much a non-option. But what else is there? … [Read more...]