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Decorate in Eco-Friendly Style

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By Jeffrey

Green is sexy.

There are rare times in life when “good” things are actually stylish. Well, this is one of those times. It’s actually trendy to be green… if you hadn’t yet noticed.

The question at hand is, “how many people will remain green after the fad has passed?”. That question is for another post.

So this spring as we clean out our crap and get the itch to rearrange and redecorate, consider going hip and stylish in green.


Here’s the best part, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

As mentioned above, anyone who’s anyone has been running news stories about green decorating.

HGTV, the Today Show, and Domino Magazine are some of the most prominent voices in the green discussion — when it comes to news, that is. It seems that almost every day the Today Show has a story that relates to living green in some way.

In February, Al Roker interviewed Chassie Post of Domino Magazine about the publication’s “green issue” that debuted this month.

Take a look at the video.

The article and accompanying video provide eco-friendly decorating ideas for every area of your home, from your kitchen, to your living room, to your wardrobe.

One of my favorite tips from the article also happens to be the cheapest:

A Low-Flow Aerator (attachment to faucet) – the Danco Energy Saver Dual Thread Aerator

  • Faucet aerators mix air into water to reduce the flow while maintaining regular water pressure
  • A normal sink’s faucet flow is 3 to 5 gallons of water per minute
  • This one flows 1.5 gallons a minute saving water and energy
  • If a typical family of four uses aerators in the kitchen and bathroom they can reduce water use by more than 200 gallons a month

Check out the article and video for more great ideas.

If you’re worried about your friends thinking that you’ve gone off the tree hugging deep end, you’re gonna want to check out the article HGTV.com recently published on the topic.

Jenny Jedeikin writes,

” ‘A really good eco-design is a design that you never have to explain,’ says Zem Joaquin, green editor of House and Garden magazine, and purveyor of sustainable design products on her ecofabulous.com website. “I don’t ever want people to walk into my house and say, “I can see you did this in an eco-friendly manner,’ says Joaquin, ‘that would be a sign of design failure.’ “

Lastly, as mentioned above, be sure to check out the March issue of Domino Magazine. Here is a list of about 75 green resources referenced by the magazine.

What are some eco-friendly ideas you plan to use or have already used in your home decor?