Home & GardenSimple Ways To Go Green

Green lunches are quite popular these days. Here are 4 eco-frindly-dining habits that allow you to stay green when eating on the go!

Reusing gift wrap is one simple green thing you can do during the holidays. Fun new ways to reuse gift wrap when you're wrapping gifts OR unwrapping gifts.

reuse old photos

Have a bunch of old photos laying around and you're not sure what to do with them? Here are 3 creative ways to reuse your old photos.

reuse plastic pots

Don't throw away your old plastic gardening pots. Here are 3 simple and practical ways to reuse plastic pots. Talk about having a GREEN thumb!...

Before you toss out your old bedding, you need to check out these 4 fun, practical, and creative ways to reuse old sheets.

Some down & dirty practical ways that living green actually saves you more money than non-green options do - point by point, with my own firsthand examples.

Trying to stop wasting water in the bathroom? Here are 3 ways to conserve or reuse bathroom water.

Do you have old toys -- either yours or your kids' -- that need to be recycled? Before you part with them, check out these 5 fun ideas for recycling toys.


When it comes to making green resolutions for the New Year, think of going green as a process. Every little thing you do pays off tenfold for the environment.